Whispers from the Well – Spring 2017

Welcome the Vernal Equinox….



brings us into spring with new energies to move forward. This precious time of renewal is seen in all of nature. We watch the tiny buds appear on the tress, the bulbs emerge from the ground with delightful flowers, birds and animals become more energized, and the sun brightens with the anticipated warmth that brings new life to our amazing planet. How can we not love springtime? The whole world surges with new life!

     The Equinox happens twice a year, spring and fall, when there is true balance and harmonization on the planet. There are equal hours of daylight and nighttime during those two days only. On this spring equinox, the days begin to be longer. The energies begin to rise, as this is the time of the year to awaken from winter’s inward reflection and begin to become active again.

     There is not a greener, fresher, and more alive time of the year then early spring. We can use this time wisely in our lives and find ways to restore after the deep saturation and nourishment from the winter rains. Now we are actually back to our natural cycle of seasons and can return to our true essence, to recharge and energize over the next three months of spring.

     We ourselves feel this emerging energy as we think about starting anew in many ways in our lives. Whether it is in expanding or refining our work, our relationships, or our health, we have increased opportunities to begin anew this time of year.

     Spring is the perfect time to start a new exercise or cleansing routine to refresh our bodies. We may need to shed a few pounds from our heavy winter, detox and clear away toxins, or just boost our energy for our greater well-being. This is the optimal time of year to bring vitality and rejuvenation to your body and mind.    

     Assisting in your cleanse or fast with hot soaks and saunas is very beneficial for this process. We have some amazing natural body care products to help with your cleansing regime too. Come visit Well Within this spring as you revitalize your life!


Japanese-Style Soaking Tub & Cedar-Lined Sauna

Enjoy an intimate space for one or two people in our Onsen Tub Room, featuring an outdoor Japanese-style soaking tub and spacious cedar-lined sauna. We fill the tub with fresh water to your requested temperature specifications.
    This is the only tub we have that you can choose from Well Within’s selection of high-quality bath products or bring your own to use in this soaking tub. Try filling the tub with cold water for a cold-plunge after your hot sauna. This can help increase your circulation and cleanse toxins from your body. Our sauna’s have all been rebuilt with fresh new cedarwood. Come experience for yourself!
     Look up and see the stars at night or enjoy the sun and the clouds passing by during the day. Come see what we mean by having your own little private retreat. Discover this deeply relaxing way to be well… within.

Time for Cleansing & Renewal . . . 

Our NEW Products in Retail

this Spring…

French Green Clay
This light green clay has been widely used for its skin healing properties. Often called ‘marine clay’ since it is found in ancient marine quarries. It is a very fine odorless bio-organic powder that contains an abundance of valuable elements. When mixed with water and applied to the skin,  green clay absorbs toxins and poisons trapped in the skin. Great for oily skin, insect bites, rashes or for revitalizing tired skin.

Red Moroccan Clay
This a rich untreated clay comes from ancient deposits unearthed from the fertile Atlas Mountains of Morocco. This red Rhassoul clay contains high levels of minerals that can draw out impurities from the skin. Used to reduce dryness or blemishes, and can be used daily as a natural soap or gentle shampoo. Blends well with water for a smooth silky feel and delightful spa quality experience.

Warming Ginger Foot & Body Scrub
Smooth away dry skin on the feet or body with this beloved revitalizing scrub. Natural pumice and calcerated seaweed in a cream base create a gentle but effective exfoliating formula that sloughs off skin without causing irritation or discomfort. Warming Ginger aromatherapy blend stimulates circulation and aids cramped muscles. Can be used by itself or with a brush or loofah for extra exfoliation.

. . . Enjoy these new products, 20% off through April

‘ThLucy.w/Katee Well’ Spotlight…   

Our Front Desk Staff, Lucille Raisch

I started working at the desk of The Well Within Spa in the summer of 2013 and have loved it since day one. There are few things more enjoyable than being able to work in such a supportive and relaxing environment! Not only are our coworkers (both desk and massage staff!) and owners incredible, the sense of community that stems from clients and regulars can be surpassed by few. I appreciate being a part of that community and all that comes with it. I think it’s important to have a safe and inclusive space to take a moment to slow down in Santa Cruz, and I love being able to help provide that compassion to our community as a whole!

     While not at The Well Within Spa, I spend my time illustrating, painting, cooking, gardening, competing with and riding my horses, and most importantly, running and expanding my Equine and Canine Massage Therapy business, Patient Hands, LLC. As a lifelong equestrian and dog-owner, I love being able to connect with people and their animals while providing exceptional bodywork to the horses and dogs in need. Whether they be competitive animals or back yard buddies, I’m a firm believer that our animals are extensions of us and deserve the same treatments we do!… Lucy is seen above with her horse Katewww.patienthandsllc.space

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