Whispers from the Well – Summer 2017

Welcome the Summer Solstice
This time of year… All Our Senses Come Alive
The summer warmth is so relaxing and comforting to our bodies; it feels so good, it’s rather contagious. It also enlivens us and makes us want to get out to play and enjoy these gorgeous days. We see such an abundance of natural beauty around us, after all the rain we had this last winter. The sight of all the colorful flowers, plants and trees in proliferation this year takes your breath away. We were parched by the drought and now are quenched with gardens of delight. The smell of all the flora is intoxicating. The sound of all the happy birds and people enjoying the summer warmth makes our hearts sing too. We humans are not the only ones who benefit from the plethora of rain. We have much to be grateful for and this year’s abundance of flourising plants and gardens reminds us all of that.
Summer is a very active time of year…. 
We have so many more social activities, travels, visiting, and special occasions to keep us busy. We also have many ways to physically stay active, including hiking, camping, and all the wonderful summer sports, on land or sea. Don’t forget to reset your energy forces, and give yourself some ‘me time.’ Just because the sun is out, doesn’t mean we have to go, go, go! Our bodies and minds deserve to have a relaxing break in between all the exciting activities. Remember to find those free times to let go, reset and recharge. Relaxing at Well Within Spa is the perfect place to do that… 

The Longest Day of Sunlight

The Summer Sun  is shining bright and strong these days. In fact, we have had a little heat wave in Santa Cruz. That means we need to be extra diligent about taking care of our skin, not only from the sun’s burning rays, but to prevent dry skin.
    Protect your skin by wearing light long sleeve shirts, hats and sunscreen. The sun provides many health benefits, such as supplying our bodies with adequate amounts of Vitamin D. This time of year though, we are looking for the best sunscreens to cut the risk of sun overexposure, which can lead to sunburn or possibly skin cancer. UVA rays from the sun can damage your skin invisibly by suppressing the immune system and aging the skin over time. 
    It is important to find a safer sunscreen that does not contain harmful ingredients or damaging chemicals, and that will protect you from the sun’s UVA rays. Mineral-based sunscreens with zinc and/or titanium oxide, but without nano-particles, are your best bet for natural sun protection. Remember to reapply sunscreen after each exposure to water, while swimming, surfing, kayaking or sailing. 
    It is also very important to moisturize from the inside out. That means be sure to drink plenty of water during these hotter days of summer. Coffee, tea, soda and juices don’t really hydrate the body the way pure water does. It’s a good idea to carry a full water bottle in your car, bike or bag. Eat plenty of moistening foods too, such as pears, apples, melons, cucumbers and squashes. 
    Moisturizing your skin is a must in the summer! Come in and check out our wonderful selection of skin and body moisturizers to choose from. And of course, don’t forget that aloe vera could be your best friend this summer, if you get overexposed to the sun. So be safe and enjoy the summer sun!

Get Your Glow On
Treat yourself to a Skin & Body Care treatment at Well Within Spa. We have several ways you can pamper your skin and body, to revive yourself and go about your way with a healthy glow.
• Relaxation Facial – Designed to enhance all skin types. We use our own natural skin care products combined with soothing touch, and an emphasis on relaxation. Our facials include: hot towels, gentle cleansing, facial mask, aromatherapy facial massage with acupressure to assist the release of tension, skin toning and moisturizing. Also included is massage of head, neck, shoulders, hands and/or feet… treat yourself!
• Hair & Scalp Treatment – This wonderful treatment is designed to release tension in the head and neck, nourish and repair damaged hair with deep conditioning, strengthen and maintain healthy hair, and calm the mind. This treatment includes: massaging the scalp with hot jojoba oil and our aromatherapy blend that is an excellent conditioner for hair and scalp.
• Sole Soother – Soothe your tired feet with hot towels, gentle cleansing, exfoliating and a focused foot massage with our own natural body products. A delightful aromatherapy treatment that is a sure way to unwind and relax!
All of these treatments can be enjoyed on their own, added to a regular massage or Deluxe Aromatherapy Massage, and enjoyed in one of our combination body packages: Wellness Retreat, and Head-to-Toe Bliss…. Now glow on!

‘The Well’ Spotlight… 
Tomek Walas, Massage Therapist…    
After I moved to Santa Cruz from Europe I started doing massage a few years later, practicing in Santa Cruz and other towns in the area for over twenty years now. Than about two years ago, I started working at Well Within Spa, where I am happy to serve our local clients and guests from out of town. Well Within Spa is a very supportive and relaxing place for both me and my co-workers, and for clients who are coming to relax and rejuvenate by getting massage and enjoying the hot tubs.
    When I am not doing massage, I am taking photos, printing and framing my art. Photography is my other passion. Traveling to different places taking photos and then editing them gives me a lot of joy. It lets me share what I saw and experienced in other parts of the world, around the Santa Cruz area and in other places in California like Yosemite and Tahoe, and even Sedona AZ and Burning Man in Nevada.

Send Us Your Thoughts…

Please send us your ideas or photos for our quarterly e-newsletter, that goes out on each Solstice and Equinox, to all our friends of Well Within Spa.
“Walk as if you are kissing 
the Earth with your feet.”   
  — Thich Nhat Hanh 


Enjoy a Relaxing Soak
in one of our Hot Tubs

The bright summer sun shines
rays of light on your body,
as you enjoy the radiance and
bask in the penetrating heat that soothes your muscles and
reminds you why you come
to relax in our waters

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