Whispers from the Well – Winter 2017 Copy

Welcome the Winter Solstice….

Blessings of Warmth… as we greet the Winter Solstice
It’s that time at which the sun is at its southernmost point in our sky, thus the shortest day, the longest night, and the darkest time of the year. Humans have been observing, experiencing, erecting monuments to, and performing rituals around this cycle of light since the very beginning of us walking upright. This is an inward time when we go within and find our deepest self, a time of deep relaxation, our hibernation of sorts. 
    Hidden away in our cozy warm homes, so many of us are painfully disconnected from any form of ritual, unless it involves shopping and organized religious practices, much which have lost meaning. It would be better for our health to slow down, stop and take a moment to relax and appreciate all that we have accomplished during the year and are grateful for.
The Winter Solstice is a time to honor the magical, miraculous planet we inhabit through lighting of candles, lifting out voices in joyous celebration with others, acknowledging that all is well, and that the light and warmth is indeed returning. We remember the light of the sun that sustains us, as we turn and begin our journey of returning back to that light.
    Well Within Spa offers a safe, warm and beautiful place for you to warm your body and relax your mind, as we let go of the hectic holidays and find that deep space for self-care and nurturance. Blessings of peace for your holidays!
Enjoy a Relaxing Soak in our Hot Tubs
The winter light softens, the air chills…
as you bask in the penetrating heat that soothes your muscles
and reminds you why you come to relax in our waters
Aaahhhh!…. Welcome to Well Within Spa 

Dry Weather… Dry Skin
    Unfortunately, we have not had much rain this fall and our forecast does not promise a great deal of precipitation for our central coast. So this is an important time to hydrate your skin from head to toe. Not only do we need to moisturize with quality natural products that contain no harmful ingredients, we also need to hydrate by drinking more pure water and eating hydrating foods.
    Soups are always a great way to do that in these winter months. Pears, especially Asian pears, are very moistening to the body. You can even deep condition your hair and scalp with hot jojoba oil, like we offer in some of our Body Care treatments. Ultra moisturizing of dry hands and feet is easy with our Protective Hand Crème, if you haven’t already tried it. Try misting your hair and face with Rosewater for a refreshing and fragrant hydration.
    Exfoliation of our dry skin is important too. Frequent hot soaks and saunas can assist in removing more of those dead skin cells. Body scrubs are also a wonderful way to exfoliate your dry skin for renewal. Remember to always rehydrate after your exfoliating sessions to remoiste your dry skin. 

Together Wednesdays
 — Weekly Special for Two —
In Our Doubles Massage Room
10am to 10pm

Bring a friend or loved one
for two 50-minute massages plus

50-minute hot tub and sauna
for two… Special $185
— Wednesdays only —
Gift Certificates… available for all services 
Give your loved ones and friends the gift of relaxation & rejuvenation at Well Within Spa 
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This Winter in Retail… Our Warming Ginger Products


Warming Ginger Foot & Body Scrub  Smooth away dry skin on the feet or body with this creamy revitalizing scrub. Natural pumice and calcerated seaweed gently exfoliate without causing irritation or discomfort. Warming Ginger aromatherapy blend stimulates circulation and aids cramped muscles. Use by itself or with a brush or loofah for extra exfoliation.

Ginger Spice Bath Salts   This spicy fragrant bath salt is warming and softening to the skin, as it uplifts your spirits with aromatic spices. A sweet and warm aromatherapy blend to magically relax and renew the body and mind. This mineral bath salt works to stimulate the circulatory system, ease the aches of inflamed joints and relax tense muscles. After your bath, follow with our Warming Ginger Hand & Body Lotion.

… 20% off through February 

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Happy Holidays from Well Within Spa!!!

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Our Annivesary… 
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‘The Well’ Spotlight…

Our Massage Therapist, Dorinna Donya Tabrizi  

Touch has always been an important modality of personal growth for me. Being a kinesthetic student, learning massage came naturally to me, and allowed me to integrate my sensitivity and intuition into my work, which has always been very important for me.   I truly believe, based off personal experience, how healing and transformative the power of touch can be.
    Well Within was the first spa that I had worked at, after seven years in the industry, that allowed me to truly ground into my work. The integrity of the staff, the cleanliness of the establishment and ethics of the business that the owners abide and are from their hearts committed to, if you ask me, is why Well Within has been around for all these years and continues to thrive. People come from over the hill on a daily basis to escape into the folds of our sheets, our beautiful Japanese style bath waters and gardens. It has truly been and continues to be a wonderful experience coming to work. I feel nourished myself as an employee here.
    On my off days, when I am not working, I am found either working on my creative projects or practicing self-care. My routine consists of lifting weights, soaking, sauna and massage trades, so that I can bring my attention and energy to the other field of work I love which is performance arts. I have been a dancer since I was thirteen, and have been fortunate to travel to different parts of the world to integrate cultural dance styles into my performances. If I’m not massaging, I am most certainly dancing.