This Winter, Warm Yourself to the Bone

 …in our Hot Tubs & Saunas

relax tubThere is nothing better on a cold winter’s day or night, then to slip into a tub of hot water, circulating around your tired limbs and seeping deep into your bones. The bamboo gently sways so gracefully in the cool breeze beyond the shoji screen of your tub room. The sounds of the waterfall and wind chimes coax you to let go of your day and relax deeply inside your private serene retreat. Aaahhhh!….. Welcome to Well Within Spa 

Our Hot Tubs
are kept at 103-104 degrees. Our water is filtered every ten mintues, using diatomaceous earth. Few people are familiar with these single-celled marine micro-organisms that are found in abundance in large bodies of water. However, when these tiny organisms die, their skeletal remains settle to the bottom, become fossilized over time and accumulate to produce one of nature’s most beneficial and healthful substances. We use bromine as a sanitizer, which is safer and less harsh than chlorine. The water is constantly monitored by an automated system and checked manually 6x/day to ensure proper chemical balance.

Therapeutic Benefits of hot water soaking are numerous. Not only does it increase your body temperature, but it is a natural psychological stress reducer. Heating yourself also supports immune cell movement among your tissues and nurtures tissue repair. The combination of warmth and freedom of movement, due to the body’s buoyancy in water, speeds healing from injuries or surgery, improves arthritis symptoms, helps those who have restricted mobility, loosens muscles before a workout or soothes them afterward, and helps to improve sleep.

Please Note that hot water soaking is not advised for the very young or elderly, pregnant women, or those with cardiovascular or other serious illness, without first checking with a medical professional. The combination of hot tubs and the use of alcohol, drugs, or medications that cause drowsiness has proven fatal. Be good to your body and practice safe soaking!