Whispers from the Well – Spring 2018

Welcoredwoodsme the Vernal Equinox     
As I sit watching the rain gently shower our fair Central Coast community, I can’t help but think how much we need this soaking. Not only for the vast local agricultural areas, but for our water shed and the amazing Redwoods that are indigenous to our part of the Pacific coast. These thirsty giant evergreen trees, called Sequoia sempervirens, derived from a Cherokee name, are the tallest living trees on Earth. They are also among the oldest living things on Earth. We are so blessed to live in a region so abundant with trees and plants that grow all seasons in our temperate climate.
     As I write this, we are having a rather potent downpour of hail. Leave it to stormy March to be so dramatic in weather. Big bilous clouds, with intermittent sunshine, periods of rain showers, and yes even hail showers, while little green plants and flowers emerge, giving us a glimpse of the fresh Spring renewal. 
     The rains not only fill our reservoirs, that we deparately need, but they nourish us ourselves. Breathing in the fresh clean air is invigorating, cleansing and brings more oxygen to our environment. How wonderrful it feels to walk in the rain and feel the drops on our face, as it cleanses us naturally. Cleaning our homes, our roads, our vehicles, and nourishing the plants for a full spring bloom. The rains are literally clearing away the cobwebs that build up over the fall and winter months. This is a time of cleansing and purging out the old, preparing for the new, and recharging our bodies and souls. 
     Spring brings us hope for a brighter day, and good luck for the warmer sunnier days ahead. There is nothing quite like the fresh sweet spring air, filled with the scent of flower blossoms and tender new green leaves. What a positive message to our world that nature brings each year at this time. Begin anew, begin anew… it says. Lift your tired winter heads up and breathe in the fresh new life of spring. 
Delight in the Spring rains that cleanse, refresh, and renew our Earth…

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‘The Well’ Spotlight… Lisa DiBello
Our Massage Therapist,
Lisa DiBello
My Love of Water led me to Santa Cruz and then to Well Within Spa. I’ve lived in six US States and three foreign countries, so the career of massage therapy suits my gypsy soul!  Though it changed my life in beautiful ways, I couldn’t count…among them, to witness the art of silent communication, not only between therapist and client but between an individual and their own healing voice.
    A graduate of the Swedish Institute (NYC) in 1999, I soon after found myself working at a beautiful Japanese-inspired spa in Santa Fe, NM. There was something uniquely appealing to me about the Japanese aesthetic and it absolutely affected my work.
    The thread of my life next wove its way to Tokyo where I lived for two years. Few things could be more foreign, but while visiting the countryside Onsen there, I knew undeniably that I was experiencing a universal language of healing.
  Good aesthetic doesn’t appeal to one distinct sense. It’s an all-encompassing experience subtly altering your perception, tilting it toward Beauty. It may first affect your eyes, then your ears, like first seeing the fountain then hearing the water trickle into it at the footbridge entrance to the Well. Walking upwards, your body lifts off street level as sounds are getting softer… Inside, you feel the attentive staff, warm air on your skin, and then unmistakably, you smell water. Working at The Well I hear water, I smell water, I gaze at Koi ponds and waterfalls… slowly, I become the environment. A breeze swaying the bamboo, a Koi fish in the pond, water pushing or at rest… there, I know I’m at home, healing.
    For fun, I play guitar and sing, and on a good day I’ll write a song. I grew up immersed in music and can’t imagine my life without access to a musical instrument… the guitar is especially portable! Otherwise, you can find me along West Cliff studying the nature of water and waves! Peace, and see you at The Well.