Whispers from the Well – Spring 2019

Welcome the Vernal Equinox

Our long wet winter bathed our dry earth, bringing a much needed renewal. The grasses are fresh and green, buds and blossoms are appearing, and our bodies are grateful that the signs of a warming spring are here. The birds sing their delight in this time of year, as do we. With the dark, damp months behind us, the time has come to open our arms wide, and let the light of the sun shine in and upon us. Spring forth with new uplifting energy. We welcome the Spring Equinox!

Full Moon Vernal Equinox

The Vernal Equinox, which in the northern hemisphere indicates the beginning of spring, and astrologically as the entry of the Sun into the sign of Aries. Not only is this the Spring Equinox, but the Full Moon takes place on this equinox on March 21. This is remarkable from an astrological point of view, since this Full Moon is also the beginning of the astrological year, with the Sun in conjunction with Chiron, the “wounded healer.” The Sun will carry these qualities through the zodiac during the following 12 months. The topics “wounding” and “healing” will certainly concern us more deeply during this time. 

Spring Renewal

As a time of healing and renewal, Spring is such an important time for our health, and to renew our spirit. The temperatures are rising, bright colors are replacing the browns and grays of our long cold winter. Our daylight stretches a little longer each day, bringing the warmth we have so craved over the last few months. The sunlight lifts our spirits, as we are moved to be in nature more, to enjoy all the natural delights that our senses are drawn to. Nature, the ultimate healer.
     Spring is a time for growth. In nature, this comes from the right amount of sunlight and water. In our personal lives, this comes from the right combination of nurturing ourselves and staying positive in our daily routines. We seek to be more active, outdoors in the warmth of the radiant sun, smelling new tender grasses, tree buds and flowers that emerge. We reach out to be with others, to share our renewed joy for this natural gift of spring.
     Everything is growing in great acceleration. This is the time that the gardens and fields are beginning to blossom and grow with more life-force energy. How can you not experience this uplifting force of nature? It is abundantly present. With the continued spring rain that waters our earth, everything grows and is cleansed. We grow, and are cleansed and revitalized.
     This is a wonderful time of year to actively prepare our bodies for spring cleansing. Changing our diets to lighter, natural foods. Exercising and being outdoors to stimulate our bodies energies. Bathing in hot waters, sweating in saunas, exfoliating our bodies of the old dead cells, increasing our circulation, so that the systems of the body are cleansed, renewed, and more alive.
     Whether it’s a long walk on a sunny day or splashing through puddles during an unexpected shower, soak up the blessings of Spring. Listen to the bird’s song, and admire the flowers as they open their petals. The birds, and the twigs on the trees, seem to exist in a world of pleasure. Let the sights, sounds and smells of this new season bring something new to your life. Nothing is so beautiful as Spring!

— Blessings of Spring —

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‘The Well’ Spotlight… 

Our Massage Therapist Rose McPherren

Rose has over 1500 hours of training and 14 years of experience working as a massage therapist. Her modalities include Sports, Swedish, Lomi Lomi, Zen Touch, Body Talk Systems, and Craniosacral Therapy. Her work has a strong therapeutic focus, and she specializes in treating neck and shoulder dysfunction.
In addition to practicing massage, she is also a Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and Restorative Yoga practitioner. Her personal philosophy: “The body is a living organism constantly adapting and changing within its environment. Through the life force of the breath, health and healing is possible.”
Rose has been a Yoga Practitioner for 20 yrs, and a Tai Chi & Qi Gong practitioner for 8 years with the Pacific School of Tai Chi,and was also the Event Coordinator for Tai Chi in Paradise Retreats for 10 years. 
My Personal Accomplishments: I have spent 10 yrs. assisting groups of students in other countries, with a International Eco Retreat company in Tai Chi, Chi Kung & Yoga on Retreat adventures, in exotic locations around the world, visiting ruins, while exploring aspects of Health, and personal development through these Healing Arts.
In the Spring of 2009, I was invited to live in Nepal for three months assisting a Massage School called, “Himalayan Healers, School of Massage” in teaching the young Nepalese students called the“Untouchables,” various body-work skills, Anatomy, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Yoga. I also offer my service to a local orphanage called ChhAhari. My private practice is in Body Psychology Therapy at The Treehouse Collective in Soquel.